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Vintage Sizing and measurements can become quite confusing when converting to modern day sizes.  The label (if there is one)  is almost never true to the size that was printed or woven into the fabric 20-30 plus years ago.  In order to buy and wear vintage clothing there are a few steps to follow.  To ensure that your vintage journey is a truly enjoyable one let's go through these steps.  


The first step to buying vintage is to be sure to take your proper measurements using a flexible measuring tape.

*For your bust area: Wrap the measuring tape around this area with a bra on.

*For your waist:  Measure your natural waist line. This area should be above your belly button and the smallest part of your waist.

*For your hips: Measure the fullest part of your hips with your feet together standing straight.

*For you Shoulder span: Measure across from shoulder to shoulder.

These measurements should be kept to compare to the sizing on the garment or the listed flat measurements that have been provided. You can use these measurements as a guide for future purchases and shopping excursions.


Sizing from the past


Vintage clothing tends to be a lot smaller in sizing especially the earlier part of the 1900's and eras before that. Whatever the reasons may be for this...we won't get into it here, the truth of the matter is, they were made far smaller.  Armed with this information it is important to know sizing.  The size of the garment  should always be considered and matched to your true measurements with a bit of room allowed.  

Flat measurements listed should be doubled  to arrive at your accurate size. Ex.. a dress that has a flat measurement  of 14 inches at the waist would actually be 28 inches when doubled.  The measurement is doubled because it is the total circumference of the front and back of  the dress. This is also the case for the bust an hip areas. The measurement provided is dependent on the choice of the seller. Fly Girl Vintage will do the math for you all items are listed as the total circumference.


Vintage shopping 


Always be sure to purchase pieces and items that you will actually wear or want to add to your collection. A vintage garment should be something that you actually can appreciation and you know that item is just for you.  When buying vintage look for items that are unique, special or maybe even a hard to find item from your own past.

Items should show that they are sturdy and can actually be worn if that is the purpose you are purchasing it for. Some buy vintage just to collect and the items beauty , uniqueness and craftsmanship may override the ability to be worn. Vintage items should show some signs of is vintage and has been pre-loved. It is rare to find unworn mint condition items, it does happen, but its rare.

The most important thing is to feel great, unique, fabulous, beautiful and extra fly when wearing vintage pieces. You should never feel that an item is a costume...unless that was the purpose for the garment.  Wearing vintage is a great experience and makes you stand out as you express yourself like no one else can.


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