How to Measure

Vintage Sizing and Measuring

Vintage sizing varies from present and modern day sizing.  It is important to first figure out your true clothing size according to today's standards. This can be done by measuring yourself in the key areas posted below.  Keep these measurements to use as a guide for future vintage shopping.

Most vintage items are much smaller in size than what may be stated on the label...if there is one at all.  For such reasons, at Fly Girl Vintage we take the measurements while the garment is laying flat.  You just double your measurements and compare to your actual body measurements to ensure a proper fit. 

How To Measure

The first step to buying vintage is to be sure to take your proper measurements using a flexible measuring tape.

*For your bust area: Wrap the measuring tape around this area with a bra on.

*For your waist:  Measure your natural waist line. This area should be above your belly button and the smallest part of your waist.

*For your hips: Measure the fullest part of your hips with your feet together standing straight.

*For you Shoulder span: Measure across from shoulder to shoulder.

These measurements should be kept to compare to the sizing on the garment or the listed flat measurements that have been provided. You can use these measurements as a guide for your future purchases.