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The Most Fly Vintage There Is. Fly Girl Vintage 

For the woman who 

A love of vintage, fashion and an appreciation for what-once-was is how Fly Girl Vintage was created.  FGV's curator has always been exposed to vintage elements through out life.  Vintage Fairs, Flea Markets, Antique Stores, Consignment Shops and the extraordinary closets of female family members. Having experienced living in Los Angeles California, while attending college for Fashion Design and Marketing, New York City also working for power house high-end retailers. These experiences left a lasting impression for tasteful fashion, quality items, exquisite craftsmenship and what is truly stylish while making a woman look and feel phenomenal.

Fly Girl Vintage is passionate about supplying the very best merchandise to our clients. With a heavy consentration on unique items, style, wearability, trends and the items ability to be adopted into any already fly wardrobe.  Items at FGV are scrutinized and have to meet high standards before they are publically seen or put out for sale. No item is choosen just because it is "vintage" an item must speak volumes on sight and have something special about it to be considered for the FGV catalog. 
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